Trinidad e Tobago

July/2018 - November/2018

In May we went back down through south of the Caribbean islands. We passed through Guadalupe, received our family, then returned to Martinique and finally made a short trip (about 3 days) to Trinidad, the southernmost island of the Caribbean, bordering Venezuela.


The crossing was alright, we got a little tired, arrived at dawn, and rested in our marina, where the Beluga would stay for almost 4 months.


The decision to descend so far south of the Caribbean was necessary because of the approaching hurricane season. we researched a lot about what to do with our boat, since the insurance has some requests, and also because we saw many injured with the hurricanes of 2017 (Maria and Irma).


Trinidad itself is not very beautiful, the water is very dark, the buildings are not beautiful, and there is not much to do in our case ... But the marina was very good, service very good and over time we learned to enjoy this island and learned a lot about our boat.


For the first few days we stayed in a marina spot on the water, and we took out all the sails and some cables. After that we took the boat out of the water and it was parked in the vacancy that shows the photo above, where we would be about 10 days preparing the boat for all this time outside his environment and to adapt to all this heat.


It was a lot of work ...

All this done, we flew to Brazil ... to digest everything that happened in the last year.


And then, back in November, we went back to our house! oh my, we've missed it! now we are even more certain that we have chosen a very special life and story, and we know we do not want to leave here anytime soon!


Worried if everything was going to be in its proper place and working ... and we entered Beluga at night. We turned on the batteries and tested every little thing. Wow! Everything working perfectly! What a joy!! Now a few more good days putting everything in place. A huge list of things to do. And our boat back at Sea!


A new season awaits us in this Caribbean that does not stop surprising us.