Atlantic crossing


At last, our long-awaited Crossing arrived. We were looking forward to this moment, and it was on the 5th of December at 1 am that we left Grand Canaria heading to Barbados.

We were in 4 people (Andrea, Guy, Felipe and a Skipper we called to feel safer). The shifts were from 3 to 4 hours in the evening, and by day we were all together.

What we liked to do on our long days was cooking, fishing, reading, watching movies, laying on the prow (when the sea allowed), playing backgammon, listening to music and adjusting the sails. it was 18 days like this! Enjoying life, in the midst of a vast ocean, sunny days and stern wind! Ahh stern wind is so good !!

In the first few days we were all kind of quiet, without much appetite, a little anxious, looking at the map hourly, seeing how far we were from our final destination. The sea was a bit rough, and the wind was pretty strong. We were adapting to the idea. when the 4th or 5th day came, we began to relax and enjoy ourselves. Until we were in the middle of the crossing and we did not even mind how fast we would get to Barbados. we were loving it.

We had a beautiful visit from a whale who stayed with us for 2 days. We did not believe she was still on our side. She would show up to breathe for seconds every half hour ... it was difficult to capture a photo of her. These were the only ones we got (on the first one she came out to breathe, and on the second one she's under the water, and it is really hard to see her):

Dolphins passed by Beluga but did not stay for more than 5 minutes. It was a really quick visit! We saw a lot more dolphins near the coast than on the crossing.


Flying fish were making hourly visits. Kira had discovered something to entertain herself and tried to perform as a hunter. At dawn the boat was filled with these little fishes. We even thought about cooking them, but they were not fresh anymore. And there was Kira getting them by the tail and bringing it to us. We thanked her and threw him back into the sea.

We even had a visit of tiny birds, and we thought, how could they travel for so long ...

For some reason we only managed to fish Dourados. We wanted a Wahoo or a tuna, but we were not lucky. For the last few days Felipe could not stand the same fish, and we laughed at his face looking at another dourado arriving in Beluga's ground.

We made a video of the Crossing, because it gives you a better idea of ​​how our days were.