Switzerland in the Summer


We left Beaune with our rented car and went to Interlaken, in Switzerland. It was about a 4 hours drive.

As we were in the summer season, we found Interlaken full of turists. But as our proposal was to hike through the mountains we managed to escape the "crowds" and find peace.

The town is cute, but the beautiful thing here is the contrast of the mountains with the lakes. We find the natural beauty of this region of great value. Actually, from all over Switzerland.

We spent two nights here and headed to our next stop: Lugano. 

Lugano is a city that was built around a beautiful lake, to the south of Switzerland where it borders the north of Italy, situated approximately 1 hour from Lake Como.

We stayed only one night in this city with relaxed atmosphere and calm environment. We had lunch at the beautiful Principe Leopoldo Hotel which had a beautiful view!

We rented a small boat in the most central area (do not need any kind of nautical licence, anyone can rent it) and we took a wonderful tour on the lake. Anyone who is in Lugano MUST do this program.

The next day we jumped on the lake in one of those "Beach Clubs". They create a delimited area for swimming and offer restaurant service so it's a treat to enjoy a summer day like this. The one we went to was called Lido Riva Caccia, and we saw that there are Yoga classes there in the morning, for those who like it.

And so we headed to St. Moritz.

Ahh, St. Moritz in summer is amazing! It exceeded all expectations and we were super happy that we had 4 days to explore this place.

If you like hikking, mountain biking, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, golf, horseback riding ... you must go there in the summer. The infrastructure for these sports is impeccable, the scenery is breathtaking and the food is very good.

And if you are not into sports you will also like it. There are easy hikes, cycling around the lakes, strolling in the small town, trying the spas of those classic and sumptuous hotels ... it's incredible!

A place to rest, get your head out of everything and live the good mountain life. We love the mountains in the summer!

We could have stayed for about 10 days in St. Morirtz as we wanted to enjoy everything the city had to offer but we had to continue our journey. And our next and last stop was Zurich.

It took 2h30m by car and we arrived in this graceful town.

We dined at Kindli, on the outside area, and found the food wonderful, plus a very friendly atmosphere.

We fell in love with Zurich. It is cozy, easy to move and very beautiful! Every little street we strolled was a discovery.

The day began by entering the Fraumünster Church to see Chagall's stained glass windows. And then we went to the Kunsthaus Museum, which was quite impressive because they have an incredible collection that shows works from the 15th century onwards and even has a contemporary art room. We love it!

We met a friend who lives there and is studying film. She took us for lunch at the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world (which operates to this day), the Hiltl. We liked it so much we bought a recipe book to remember it's food on the Beluga.

So at night we wandered around the city and had dinner at Terrasse, a very nice restaurant which is located on the river's edge, and is a large, very charming and festive moody porch.

Some cool restaurant tips of Zurique can be found on the AlucciTravel website.

http://www.aluccitravel.com.br/europa/suica/zurique/zurique )

There are also many hiking possibilities in the surrounding area. For a panoramic view, it is worth climbing Uetilberg.

Our friend who is living in Zurich suggested other restaurants that we did not have time to get to. But you should go if you have time:

- Marktüche - Vegetarian cuisine

- Kronenhalle - Traditional restaurant of the city and well-known

- Ricos - t's a bit far from the center, but it's reputed to have great cuisine

* When we were planning this trip, we downloaded a cool app that lists hikking tracks across the country. It's called "Swiss Hike".