St barths


We were very happy to meet this island, since we heard a lot about it. We knew that it was a frequency of people more "fancy", a more expensive place, but also with a relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

St Barthelemy is a very small island! In a single day you can drive through it, either by car, motorcycle or quad, which was our only option, since the island was crowded in its high season and we had no other vehicle option.

when we arrived we went to Gustàvia, which is the main city, the capital, and where there's the only marina. Here you can do the Customs, which is as simple as all the French islands. in the computer, and pay some fees (it is very expensive to anchor here) and you are ready to explore.

The marina is dedicated to large boats, in addition to being reasonably small. all sailboats anchor in a bay just before entering the marina. The anchorage is very bad because there's short waves so you keep moving and there are many boats.

On our second day we rented a Quad and met the whole island.

After leaving Kira on the boat all day, we decided to change anchorage urgently. Along our way around the island we decided that we wanted to anchor on the most beautiful beach, the "Baie de Saint Jean". As we only saw 1 sailboat anchored there, we went to ask the Captaincy if anchoring there was possible, and they said yes, but that we had to respect a considerable distance from the beach because of the planes that make this route to land and take off.

So there we headed for one of the most beautiful anchorages we'll ever meet!

We paddled in our SUP, we swam, we dived, cleaned our hull, enjoyed the beach, and enjoyed Beluga with that amazing view.

We really loved this charming island, it's houses and it's amazing views!