Puerto Rico and the Spanish Ilands

May 2019

A little to the east of the American Islands are the Spanish islands, which belong to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a relatively large island, compared to the other islands of the Caribbean. It was colonized by the Spanish, and it was a strategic territory for exploring other islands and Central America.

But in 1898, during the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was invaded and later became a possession of the United States.

Today we can see a well mixed culture, because the most spoken language is Spanish, the capital that is San Juan, looks more like some city of northern spain, and yet it is an American territory.


Sailing from the American islands to the Spanish islands, we discovered an island called Culebrita, without a doubt one of the most beautiful anchorages we have ever been to! with a wonderful water to swim, and as it was weekday, the beach was just ours and Kira's. It's a very small island !! but very special!


Next door is the island of Culebra. A little bigger, and a place we had a lot of fun exploring. We rented a kind of gasoline golf cart and rode everywhere. We chose the beach of "Flamenco" as our favorite here! Really very beautiful and cheerful.


We were lucky enough to enjoy beautiful sailing days. In fact the sea was so calm and the wind so weak that we had to use the engine a few times.


Pregnancy was progressing, approaching 3 months. And so we decided to make a brief visit to Brazil for a week to do some exams.

On our return, Andrea's brother, Felipe, came to visit us, surf a little, and help bring Beluga to the southern Caribbean... to the Dutch islands.


In Puerto Rico, on the main island, we had to stay in a marina, which was quite cool! We don't usually stay in marinas because of their prices, lack of privacy, and not being able to jump into the sea every day. But here it was necessary as for the lack of option of anchoring, besides our trip to Brazil ... But until we really enjoyed having a rest and enjoy the comfort and infrastructure.

We love to meet this country, or "American state" ... It was a very different experience from the other islands we know in the Caribbean so far. A feeling of being in a big city, going to tasty restaurants, getting to know historical sites, hiking in a lush forest, driving a little, exploring various beaches ... In addition to the surf that has greatly enjoyed by the crewmen.