Paris and Amsterdam


Finally arrived in Paris!


We left our bags at Guy's cousin's house. Only three nights to enjoy this beautiful city ... and then free to explore some of the old continent. Our means of transportation in flat locations is skateboarding. We can take them in public transportation, establishments, and still have fun.


And there we went!

We met some friends for wine tasting by the Seine river, jogged through St. Germain's Jardin du Luxembourg, bought cheese, bread and sweets, and went to check out the most beautiful gardens in the world ...

Paris is an open air museum! We prefer to get away from the crowds and enjoy what the city has to offer.


On the morning of the third day we went to the train station. After 3 and a half hours we arrived in Amsterdam.

We stayed at The Hoxton which is a super funky hotel with a cheerful atmosphere and a pretty good value.


Though there was another hotel that we enjoyed very much, besides the wonderful restaurant (where we went to have lunch),which was Hotel Pulitzer.

Here, our means of transport were bicycles and the boats on canals.


Strolling through the Vondelpark is a great option to feel a bit of nature. The park is very beautiful and relative small.


Exploring the canals of this city is indispensable! There are options for private or shared boat. The important thing is that you have drinks in them and very few or no tourists at all.

Parking your bike in front of Van Gogh's museum, then having a beer by the canal and enjoying good food are some of the beauties of this old town.


In addition to wandering on the streets and imagining people riding their horses centuries ago, the suits, hat and nights out with lanterns.