Martinique and St. Lucie

December and January/2017-18

We arrived from the Crossing in Barbados and said goodbye to our fellow travelers. A day later, we followed (only the two of us) to the island of Martinique, about 100mn to the north. We left at midnight, sailed for about 15 hours and then, in the late afternoon we arrived in this beautiful French territory.


Well, we spent so much time on this island that we gained some intimacy and we can say that we love Martinique!


It is very diverse and that is what we like about it. Here is a short description of the island:


- To the south, our favorite place, are the most beautiful beaches we have ever visited! The water is clear and with several shades of blue and green. These beaches are not crowded at all, which was perfect to drop kira, besides, we love when the beach is basically to ourselves. It is in the south, too, that lies the huge marina and anchoring bay of the "marin" and the charming village of St, Anne.


- The west coast of the island is filled with beautiful anchorages and simply amazing dive! We dived both in the cylinder and snorkel, and the marine life here is really impressive. We found an anchorage in the northwest part called St. Pierre. It has a wonderful view of a volcano that is called mount Pelée, in which it has a very impressive history of eruption, leaving the city of St Pierre completely destroyed many years ago.


- To the north and northeast of the island is where there are Surf spots. The sea is hectic, but for surfers is the perfect spot.


- On the east coast there is a more virgin part of the island, as in the north, due to the open and busy sea. But it has beautiful bays to visit, and in the southeast part begins the beautiful beaches that I mentioned.

During the atlantic crossing we had a problem with one of the engines, so we had to take a few days to check the problem, and we found Martinique a great place to do that. We Beluga out of the water ... We slept in it for 3 days ashore. It was kind of weird, but we took advantage of it to make it clean and ready for a long time at sea.


Kira went crazy with the cats on the boatyard, until one day she decided to jump from the boat to the ground, about 2.5 meters tall. But she is so nimble that when she hit the ground, she was already running behind the cat, but without success in the hunt.

After leaving Beluga in perfect condition, we had great friends from São Paulo (Dea and João) visiting us. They wanted to live a little of this dream of ours. It was Beluga's first guests in Caribbean lands, making our days much more joyful!

As they wanted to have an experience of sailing from one island to another, that is, from one country to another, we decided to go with them from Martinique to St. Lucia, which was only a 4 hours sailing.

I think we all prefer Martinique than St. Lucia. We made 2 anchorages in the country of "pitons" which were very beautiful (Marigot Bay and Rodney Bay), but there, the locals are always on top of you somehow, trying to sell something, or provide some service ... They come to you by the sea, even before your arrival on the island. We found this a bit intrusive, but we knew how to enjoy what they had best.

On the last day, we rented a car and went to lunch at a hotel (Ladeera) which has a BEAUTIFUL view of the Pitons. It was really amazing.

The time has come to say goodbye to this couple who made history on the Beluga and return to Martinique, to start our way north to the Caribbean islands.

Here's a video of our wonderful days in the French island.