La Rochelle


We Arrived in Les Sables D'olonne, a small town on the Atlantic coast of France near Bordeaux.

And then, on September 4th, we received our Catamaran.

We stayed all day sorting things out. The next day the weather was still not ideal for our departure, so we waited a little longer to sail to La Rochelle, where we would stay a week or more making adjustments on Beluga. The trip lasted about 4 hours, with a calm sea, very little wind, cloudy weather and cold breeze aproaching.

We could not believe that the dream had come true. Our head kept thinking and analyzing everything around us.


Kira was already well adapted. We were getting to know the boat. And everything was falling into place.

We arrived in La Rochelle and stayed there for two weeks organizing and adjusting Beluga.

We fell in love with this city. We arrived in the historic city in the middle of the towers, when its lights were rising, the blue autumn sky ... it was all too beautiful!

Those were good work days. 


Nadia (a friend and Skipper who helped on the beginning of Beluga) would tell us to enjoy the croissants and that it's not always  that we have a boulangerie on our doorstep. So every day he rolled one of those in the oven. In addition to the delicious markets that catered our new, and most beautiful, kitchen!

What we liked most about La Rochelle was strolling through the historic center, experiencing the many restaurants that are there, cycling along the waterfront, getting to know Ilê de Ré, which is very close (you can drive through a bridge, by ferry through the center of La Rochelle, or even by bicycle for the most active), go to the market that happens in the center alleys on Saturdays and Wednesdays, or in the marché de Helles (every morning) and try the delicious ice creams all over town.

Our restaurant guide here:

Restaurant Andre - A traditional, a bit touristy, but for seafood and oysters, this is a great option, as it is right in the heart of downtown, has a huge balcony and the quality is great!

Le Comptoir Saoufé - a very small restaurant in an alley of city center, dedicated to oysters, fish and seafood. great quality and unpretentious.

Café de la Paix - since 1895 , this opulent café located on Place de Verdun. Nice to have a coffee or even to have lunch.

Richard Coutanceau - 2 Michelin stars, a more formal setting, on the waterfront, cool for a special night out.

Les Quatre sargents - known in la rochelle with a very nice atmosphere and good food.

Cave de la Guignette - just for a drink before dinner or late afternoon. A wine bar reminiscent of the past, with wine barrels and small chairs on the porch.