Guadeloupe, Caribbean


The day we said goodbye to Martinique, was a VERY special day. First because the wind was helping for a great day of sailing, second because the day was beautiful, third because we caught the most delicious tuna in our lives, a Yellowtail, fourth because we slept in one of the most beautiful anchorages, and lastly, Guy made a wonderful sushi and rolled up an appetizer with the sunset on the bow.

The next morning, at 6 AM, we sailed to Guadaloupe. We passed Dominica, which unfortunately was badly damaged by hurricane Irma, and then we arrived in iles des saints (in guadeloupe) in the late afternoon, sailing through the sunset, the full moon and the beautiful mountains of the islets. A day that we will never forget.

The next day we went to explore the main island, which reminded us a lot of Martinique, since it is also a French territory. There is an incredible sub aquatic reserve that bears the name of the explorer who made history, Jacques Cousteau. We have not yet met, since we will return to this Island in May.

We rented a car and drove around the island. With beautiful anchorages, tropical vegetation ... But what we really liked was the Ile des Saints (an islet located south of Guadeloupe), where we spent most of the time.

On this little island, it's cool to rent a Scooter or a battery-powered cart and explore it all. It is pure charm, with French bistros, crystal clear water, deserted beaches, and wonderful views.

It has a fort (Napoleon fort) that has a sight not to be missed! The construction of the fort is also beautiful. We loved spending a morning in its beautiful gardens.

A little video that sums up our days here.