Pregnancy onboard

April 2019

We were saying goodbye to dear guests on the Virgin Islands when I was feeling sick to my stomach! So we decided to navigate to the nearest town, which would have a pharmacy available to buy a pregnancy test, because everything was very suspicious.

After doing 3 tests, we could finally believe that one more crew was coming! How exciting!

Our plans would have to change a little ... 

We decided to take a few days to install our solar panels, so we would stay in a marina to see if this whole sickness got better, and think a little about our future. The venue was St Marteen, as there was good workmanship for our stainless steel structure and Solar panels. We were excited about this new phase of Beluga.

From Tortola Island to St Marteen would take about 1 full day sailing. We chose the day with less wind and the calmest sea because the wind in the Caribbean comes from the east, and that was the direction we should sail, that is, when the wind comes from the front (bow) of the boat, we have no sailing angle. so the best thing is to use the engine. And so we went, in a smooth "sail", with a sea so calm that you could see the reflection of the stars.


When we arrived at St MArteen, we entered Simpson Bay, a well-sheltered lagoon, where we would dock Beluga in a "service" marina. I believed that seasickness would get better inside a marina, but it just got worse, because there was not much air circulation, and also because the feeling really had nothing to do with the boat or sailing, but with the beginning of the pregnancy.

Well, day after day, we focus on installing the structure and the panels. It was really cool to follow this amazing work they did on our Catamaran.


The week we were on this island, we got closer to a very nice Swedish family! Their boat was just like ours and it's called Bay Dreamer. They, Daniel and Ana, had already sailed from Europe to Indochina for some good years, and in the meantime they had a little girl we were lucky to meet, with her 3 years old. Now they were waiting for the fourth crewman, who was about to be born. So we asked them a lot of questions, and Ana helped us suggesting a good hospital for our first ultrasound!

And there we went, in our dinghy, for the first pregnancy consultation.


We could hear the heart beat, it was very exciting. And we laughed a lot when we got back on the boat... since we were riding the dinghy for about 15 minutes as fast as we could ... we thought that i must have been the only pregnant woman who comes back from an ultrasound like this.