Galícia, spain


Our first stop, out of La Rochelle, was in the region of Galicia, Spain. We sailed for 2 days, making a trip, passing by the Bay of Biscay until arriving in the small town of Ribadeo. The sea was very calm, and the wind was not the best, but that was good for Beluga's first "long sailing" and for Kira.

Ribadeo is a very small town. We arrived at dawn, and the next day was local market day, which (apparently) is the main attraction of the city. And filling the beluga with local ingredients from each country is one of our great pleasures.

We stayed there for about 3 days and headed to A Coruña.

Already a much bigger city, with a great number of tourists that circulate by. perhaps the most important in the region of Galicia. the architecture is very striking, with large houses and beautiful squares.

It has a bohemian life with innumerable typical bars with much "iberico jamon", "pantumaca" and "Caña".

Our passage here was very fast, because a bad weather was approaching and we wanted to pass by the Finisterre (in that region the sea gets very busy). And as soon as we arrived in Portugal we would start with a stern wind and a safer sailing.

so we went to Baiona, which is portugal's neighbour. We even felt a Spanish very similar to Portuguese around here.

Baiona is very small, but very nice. With tasty restaurants, tidy shops, beautiful buildings, and kind people.

What we liked most here was the castle of Monterreal, built in the 12th century, and we loved to know that Baiona was the first port to hear that Spain had discovered America in 1493.

leaving here was very pretty unconfortable, since we had to pass through a big swell coming in our direction when leaving the marina and after that we had a rough sea with waves up to 4 or 5 meters.

The idea was to go to Porto but the entrance was forbidden by Swell. Then we sailed another day until Cascais.