From Trinidad to Antigua

December 2018

In November we returned from Brazil to Trinidad and Tobago!

We arrived at Beluga by night, very happy to be back and a little afraid to find that something was not working. When we opened the door to enter it we found that mess we left with all the pillows spread out and all the cabinets open, so that it could all "breath". Since the batteries were off, we had our headlights on until we reached one of the rooms to turn them on and find out if the power would work.


1,2, 3 and .... we turned on the battery, Guy shouted "turn on the light", and at first it was all right. Already a reason for celebration. 

And so we went on, sorting things out and testing everything to see if Beluga could return home: The sea!


When the boat got back to the water, we waited until the next day to begin our voyage, which would be, first to the east, then try a better sailing angle to the northern Caribbean. Our first stop would be the island of Martinique. it would take about 2 full days.


When arriving in Martinique, we soon contacted our Brazilian friends who were waiting for us there to sail up the islands together until  Antigua.


It was fun to sail up these islands in the company of another sailboat. We communicated through the VHF. On the shifts at night, our friend Lucas sang funny music on the Radio to keep us awake ... when one of us got into a cloud or bad weather, would tell the other one how the situation was so that we could fit the sails ... and so on ...until we reach the beautiful "Ile des saints" in Guadeloupe.


We spent a few days exploring the island with Lucas and Neto, from Katoosh Sailboat, until we started another small crossing to Antigua.


Whenever we start a crossing, we prefer to leave some things organized to make our days on board easier, such as getting a meal ready, arranging our vests so that they are always within reach ... jackets, lanterns ... and anything that We think it's important because of the weather or the number of days we'll be at sea.


Our crossing from Guadalupe to Antigua lasted only 1 day. We sailed at night to arrive during the day at our dock. we like Antigua very much and were happy to come back, even for 2 days only.