Turkish Coast


As we had some delay in Beluga's delivery, we decided to explore the Turkish coast in a monohull.

We flew from Zurich to Istanbul and then took a flight to Dalaman. From there it was less than 1 hour drive and we arrived in Fethiye.

Before entering the Sailboat, we stayed on an island just in front of Fethiye "Şövalye Adası". The hotel was called Ece Boutique, and we loved it and we found it a great price for what it offers.

And then we took the boat (provided by the hotel) and went to Ece Marina, where we chartered an Oceanis 40 for a new adventure on this long trip.

* Another option for sailboat charters is the marina next door where there is the Moorings company (which is also very good). The marina shares its grounds with the Yatch Classic hotel, where we have found a good option to stay before and after boarding the boat. So you can leave the suitcases there and carry only what is needed on board.

WONDERFUL Days! Even more certain that we had chosen the right life for us!

The Turkish coast is very nice and all, but sailing around here is something else. In the summer, the wind starts around 10am  (with its peak around 1pm) and decreases before the sun sets. So it's very secure for beginners and pure fun.

The sea water was crystal clear! It was about 35 degrees, and as we had no air conditioning the best way was to jump in the water every 10 minutes, which was not bad. At the end of the afternoon we would choose a beautiful place to anchor, watch the sunset, and open the wines that came with us from the trip through Burgundy.

A video showing some more of our passage in Turkey.