We rented a car in Amsterdam and drove to Copenhagen. We passed through northern Germany (we did not stop on the way, but a nice option would be to sleep in Hamburg or even in Bremen to break up the journey and get to know one more place), and took a ferry to Denmark. This ferry cost us 100 Euros, since it was a ship with garage, restaurants and even exchange house.


It was about 5 hours driving and another 1h30m of ferry. We were in an average of 170km / h. We did not find the scenery all that beautiful or anything, but interesting to pass through 3 countries in one day. It is better to travel by plane which takes about 1h20m, but in our case, we missed the flight and the next one available was in 2 days.

This city surprised us in every way. To beggin with, people are very cheerful and friendly. Taxes are very well distributed and wages do not usually have major differences depending on the professions. We believe that this makes people choose their work for what they like and not just for the money. Everyone uses their bicycle as a means of transportation, so there is no traffic, pollution or stress. The bike paths are perfect! And as the city is relatively small, the bike's will take you everywhere. But there we went with our skateboards explore.

We found it very interesting to meet Christiania, which they call it "Freetown", where the residents made their own laws. I don't really know how that works, since the 850 inhabitants collect money to pay tax, and since the police have free access, and can intervene in something they do not agree. So I think the government tries to respect this region, considering that it's remaining this way since the 70's. It's a rather curious situation. Here, in addition to being forbidden the entrance of car is also not allowed to run through the district, so jogging only possible outside!


We had lunch in a restaurant in the city center that we liked very much. It's called FishMarket. The city is known for its high gastronomic level, and popular for its seafood, so we went there wandering until finding a perfect veranda like this.

We visited the local market "Torvehallerne", we were blown away by what we found there, a huge variety of cheese, wine, meat, seafood, nuts, fruits, vegetables and even flowers. With several options of restaurants within the market we chose the Spanish "Tapa del Toro" where we enjoyed tapas with beers. And then we bought wine and some things to prepare our dinner, since we were staying in a rented apartment in the residential district of Frederiksberg

The next day we went to the Design Museum and strolled through parks such as:


King's Garden                                                                                  Frederiksberg Gardens                                                                                   Fælledparken


We did not have time, but another cool place to visit is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 35km north of Copenhagen. Or the Vikings Museum in Roskilde.


Anyone traveling with kids is worth going to Legoland and Tivoli Park.


Absolutely loved this city !!