We returned to Paris to meet family and friends and drove (approx. 2:h30m) to the village of Chevroches, where we would begin a beautiful boat trip through the Burgundian canals. When we went down the riverbank, there was our "Péniche" and his crew awaiting us.

These boats that make these river tours are super old, ours for example was already on its hundredth birthday. The crew explained to us that the boat was built in England during World War I as a ship supplying ammunition to the Allied troops of the Battle of Somme. It was carefully transformed by skilled artisans into a floating celebration of the "good life" of Burgundy and then gave the name "L'art de Vivre".

Our boat, and all the others we passed through, sailed very slowly, at about 4km per hour. There are bike paths along the whole route, so as the boat goes by, you can go out whenever you want and go cycling, skateboarding, walking or running. Meals are served on the boat and all very well made and always accompanied by regional wines. There is a sommelier who explains about every wine we open, and about every cheese we try. We learned a lot on this trip, and we gained a few pounds which were worth it.

On the second day we visited the Bazoches Chateau, small castle of Sebastien Vauban, a military architect who worked for King Louis XIV and was responsible for building numerous fortified cities.

We observed the types of travelers who passed through our route. We saw that there were cyclists traveling alone, with friends, couples and even families with children (you can find some information on this site: http://www.burgundy-by-bike.com/). We've seen families who rented their boats from companies like Le Boat (http://www.leboat.com/) and make their own itinerary without the help of a captain. We even saw people on long walks with their backpacks. We found all ways to travel through Burgundy pretty awesome, as it is a very safe, small and easy to travel.

On the third day we made a special stop with the boat on the shore of Le Saussois. A village near the river, with its beautiful cliffs perfect for those who are interested in climbing without much adrenaline, or for beginners who are training for something bigger. All of this forms a beautiful setting, and at dusk you can sit on the benches along the bike path and use the campfire area.

By travelling 30 minutes by car we arrived at the beautiful little town of Vezelay and its Basilica Saint Marie Madeleine.


On the fourth day we went to the medieval town of Noyers sur Serein to visit its local market that takes place on Wednesdays. We bought more cheese, regional sweets and sat down to listen to a young man who played some French music with his accordion.

The fifth day was in the famous Chablis region. We visited a winery, sampled some wines and went to see the sunset on a beautiful balloon ride.

We finished our journey in the city of Auxerre. Beautiful city, imposing, with beautiful buildings!

We got off the boat, and with our rental car, went to visit the famous Beaune, one of Burgundy's main cities.

What a wonderful trip! What good wine! Wonderful food and a sense of peace at all times along this route that mixes history and nature.