British Virgin Islands


We sailed from St Barths to BVI (British Virgin Islands), passing by St Martin which, unfortunately, suffered greatly with the hurricane of 2017.

Departing from St Martin, we sailed about 80NM in a single day, leaving at dawn and arriving at dusk.


And then we arrived in this kind of sailboat paradise! Where we would stay for a whole month and where we would have friends and family onboard to explore this incredible place.

We made good friends here, we dived a lot, we sailed from island to island, we had many delicious dinners, we drank wines, we visited beautiful beaches, we did many trails with kira and we were so thankfull for having the privilege of living it all!


Most of the days were sunny and the sea was usually looking like a swimmingpool in the anchorages.

There was an anchorage that we liked so much, that we spent a week without leaving there. We would drop kira in the morning on the deserted beach, and she would swim back in the afternoon, when she "felt like it".


having guests onboard in places like this is the best feeling in the world. To be able to share these paradises with good company ... to teach sailing ... to see in people's faces the happiness of discovering a new way of living ... living with less ... and having this strong contact with nature. .. is too good!!!


Maybe a video will help you get a better idea of ​​what this Caribbean archipelago is all about.

The month we stayed in these islands, we did not once got in a car or bus. We depended only on our Beluga and the dinghy.


Hurricanes of 2017 passed through here and caused a huge loss! We were very sad with the scenes we saw and stories we heard. At these times we see the real force of nature. But on the other hand we are happy to see people getting up, with a good spirit, the city being rebuilt, and nature still with its beauty of before.


So in the month of May we had to leave BVI to return to the southern Caribbean, where we would meet Guy's family in Guadeloupe, and then we would continue down to an area less propitious to have hurricanes, since it's season will arrive soon.