Every day that passes, every place we get to know, makes us think, why Brazilians don't usually come to the Caribbean ?! It is so close and so heavenly!! we, knew so little, or almost nothing of the Caribbean islands, yet they are on the same continent as ours! This is PARADISE! Even more with a sailboat, which takes you from one island to the other in your house, and with a gentle, steady wind ... it's perfect.


Here I will describe a little about one of the islands we enjoyed the most: Antigua.

People have asked us why we like this island so much. Well, for starters, the marinas are wonderful, with super good taste, the boats that were here are the most beautiful we have ever seen, among them, some huge and classic sailboats... the beaches are inexplicable with their blue water ( nor can I explain the tone of blue), white sand. It's all a bit remote, a bit untouched... 

We rented a jeep (a wrangler) and decided to do an offroad, dropping kira off the car from time to time. We went up the hills to see beautiful views and ended up at these beaches ...

We went to a restaurant / beach club that we simply loved, called Catherine's Cafe. With a stylish atmosphere, great music and best of all, Beluga anchored just in front.

On our last day on this island we anchored in Jolly Harbor, the water looked even more impressive when we got here. We put down the anchor and went to the supermarket that is in front of the Marina ... Even the market was sensational!

At the end of this year we will return to this country to spend another season, because we wanted the days here to be eternal.